Current Date:26 June, 2022

British Airways London Eye

We’re discussing British Airways London Eye. If you are traveling to London and you are looking for hotels near the London Eye, this article will help you decide where to stay. In the following article, I discuss visitor attractions and look for the nearest hotels to match different budgets and tastes.

British Airways London Eye

British Airways London Eye, which launched in January 2000, is located on the southern bank of the Jubilee Gardens (on the Thames River). After a race to design a landmark to celebrate the turn of the Millennium, it was decided that the construction of the huge Ferris wheel would benefit the capital. The Millennium Wheel currently the longest observation wheel in the world. It stands 450 feet (ca. 137 m) high and weighs about sixteen tons. The cycle can carry a flight of 800 passengers (yes, you flew to London Eye!) Featuring thirty-three capsules, and it equates to about 15,000 people.

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