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Top Hotel Franchises

We’re discussing the Top Hotel Franchises. Choice Hotel is the first on the list of top hotel franchises. Choice provides its franchisees with property management systems, reservation schemes and training programs. We will keep customers from jumping into your business. Choice is committed to providing franchises with emerging market team members who support first time owners. They make new endeavor less stressful.

Top Hotel

Many people will ask you why you should start a hotel franchise first. Well, the hotel industry is booming. In fact, in 2006, hotel revenues totaled more than $133 billion, with approximately 52% of total hotel operating profit. It was the RRI was more likely than many businesses, excluding beverage and meal options. And profits and earnings have almost doubled since the 1990s. As you can see, franchise hotel ownership also has a high potential for wealth creation.

Starting a new business is always a concern and time-consuming, but choosing a company that has built a lot of successful businesses and has a strong track record can help a bit. But why ask for Choice Hotels? They simply provide business to your franchise. Their reservation system netted their franchisee a total of $2 billion in 2007. In line with their national marketing plan and sales force, customers will start appearing in front of you in no time. As a result, Reasons to become a Choice Hotels Franchise: Top Hotel Franchises.

Hotel Franchises

They are one of the largest and leading hotel franchiser in the world. You have been given an outstanding set of services, resources, property management systems and training programs designed to provide efficient operation and maximize profits.

Choice Hotels spend about $175 million a year on marketing and advertising to potential customers while increasing brand awareness at the same time. And needless to mention, Choice Hotels’ portfolio includes many top hotel franchises such as Comfort Suites, Comfort Inn, Clarion, Sleep Inn, Quality, Maine State Suites, Cambrian Suites, Roadway Inn, downtown Extended Stay Hotel and Icon Lodge. Top Hotel Franchises.


Wingham’s Wended is at the top of the list of top hotel franchises. And between Canada and the United States, they have 160 hotels open today. Wingham Hotel, the owner of Windham Hotel Group Windham the world’s largest franchiser, is the largest franchiser, as they have 10 separate lodging brands on six continents with a total of 6,500 hotels and 535,000 total homes.

Windham Hotel Group will not miss a drop when it comes to its support and service programs. In Canada or the US, they will assist their franchisees in the development of their hotel and give them guidance and training. As a result , they can better understand how to operate an efficient and profitable venture. Supporting their franchise

  • National marketing campaigns.
  • Trip Rewards.
  • Collection and design services.
  • Global sales support.
  •  Training

Support with field operations

Windham Franchises is a hotel rewards project that tracks WingHate’s extensive training, access to central reservation systems, reliable support staff, a tool. As a result, tracks your guests’ satisfaction and ability to participate in the Trip Rewards program.


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